Understanding Teeth Whitening


For most individuals, our most attractive feature is our smile. However, what is the use of a beautiful smile without smile flattering pearl white teeth? When dental professionals ask patients what they’d most like to change about their smile, whiter teeth is the most commonly given answer.

Whiter smiles are key to first impressions and bring a great increase in confidence to 99% of people unhappy with their shade of teeth.


Stained Teeth, Inside And Out

  • There are two types of well-known stains when it comes to our teeth;

types of tooth stain


Acknowledgement of staining


Acknowledging the type of stain your teeth have taken on board is the first step to your new bright white smile. The type of stain plays part in knowing what products are needed to remove the stain and enhance your new glowing white smile.


On the surface stains: are much easier to deal with and eliminate.

Below the enamel surface stains: become much harder to erase and do not only occur on the outer shell of the tooth.



What causes the staining of the tooth?


Surface stains are commonly caused by the following;

-Food and drink
-Poor oral hygiene
-Tobacco products
-Poor diet

Beneath the enamel stains are commonly caused by excess of this, and also the following;



Office or Professional whitening


Professional whitening such as laser whitening, is the quickest way to get results. However this is also frequently by far the most expensive.


Where results are immediate, the huge price tag also comes with this option. Laser treatment is known to remove both types of stains from the teeth.

Professional Teeth Whitening


Unapproved whitening treatments


Some people use the option of whitening their own teeth with a unknown branded or homemade tooth whitener such as bleaching with hydrogen peroxide, or baking soda. These products are NOT designed for teeth whitening and are NOT recommended or safety approved.

At home whitening


Whitening strips, trays, mouthwashes and toothpastes are all frequently used at home and are a lot more budget friendly.


As far as teeth whitening treatments which can be used at home go by, crest 3D white strips have grown in popularity due to the rates of success. Many people use crest 3D white strips and are able to say goodbye to their previous discoloured smile at a small price.

Teeth Whitening Chart


Whitening Toothpaste


Whitening toothpastes are a cost effective way to whiten your teeth during your daily routine. Whitening toothpastes contain silica, known to remove stains.


A great option is Crest 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste, is enamel safe and cleanses your teeth thoroughly leaving a polished white smile.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?


The duration of each individual tooth whitening experience varies all dependant on which way the teeth are whitened.


Hydrogen peroxide based product results vary, and an upkeep of a whitening paste is recommended.


Crest 3D whitening strip users are often said to take a course of teeth whitening twice a year to keep their enchanted smile.

Teeth Whitening Safely


It is important to use the instructions provided by Crest when using their products. Not only for your own safety but to maximise results, this is recommended with every Crest Product.


Crest products are all safe and are not harmful to your teeth or gums.

Does Crest Teeth Whitening Work


Crest 3D products are designed to give a pearly white smile. To see a significant difference at a budget price, in the comfort of your own home.


Listen to the view of Crest Product customers;


‘’After years of sugary drinks and poor care to my teeth, I thought I would never be happy with the colour of my teeth again. Crest 3D white strips saved my confidence and I am now happy to smile in public. Thank you Crest!” Serena 49.


“Crest 3D brilliance toothpaste keeps my teeth polished on a daily basis, I whiten my teeth once a year using Luxe Professional effects which give me a gleaming smile. I Like to use this toothpaste as an extra glowing measure on a daily basis, this is perfect for my very social occupation. I am constantly complimented on my teeth.” Robert 27.


“If I would of known that even with sensitive teeth I could finally have my dream glamorous celebrity style smile then I would of chosen Crest Gentle Routine a long time ago! Great Product, and it really does work!! 5 stars *****” Helen 33.


These are just few of thousands of positive Crest stories, why not add your story to the success?