Ellen Degeneres’s Crest Whitestrips Live Commercial


Whitening teeth can be fun too!


Whitening teeth in the media and advertisements are almost always shown with a dental hygienist or dental technician wearing a lab coat, normally with a fake smile, holding a product to the screen. at Crest we like to not associate with this dull kind of image, we are often shown with celebrities who publicly endorse the products and try to show them in a positive light! …. to be honest most people are scared to visit their dentist anyway.


As funny as the video below is, it does signify the daily staining your teeth go through. Each day the average person will eat 3 meals a day a long with snacking and drinks this can amount to a lot of teeth staining. Of course the average person has a busy life schedule and presumably have more important things to be concerned with, then selecting food and drink which do not stain teeth, however this is the sad reality. In our daily lives your teeth will be subject to an incredible amount of stain worthy foods & until relatively recently there wasn’t much in terms of protection and whitening  we could do about it. Whitening teeth is a whole lot easier nowadays with whitening strips, make sure you take advantage.


A clip from the Ellen Degeneres show where she creates a live commercial promoting Crest Whitening Strips.  It basically highlights several everyday foods which can cause staining and wreck a potentially white smile. This is highlighted with a gunge machine firing food at a poor fella with yellow teeth. Enjoy!